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Licensed audiologists in Pennsylvania are required to have either a doctoral or master level degree in the hearing and balance sciences. Both Drs. Duncan and Nulph have earned their doctoral degrees. We evaluate hearing loss and are trained to detect medical issues to make referrals when applicable.

While we have worked together for over 12 years, we have been practicing in our own location for over 6 years.

There are three parts to a hearing evaluation: the review of your medical history, a visual examination of the eardrums and ear canals, and the testing of the hearing. In addition to that, we utilize Real Ear Measurement. Real Ear Measurements place a tiny tube attached to a microphone in your ear to ensure that the volume from your hearing devices is adequate and most accurate.

As technology has advanced through the years, hearing instrument manufactures have been improving the miniaturization of hearing instruments, making them increasingly cosmetically appealing. We offer a complete line of hearing instrument sizes and styles.

The following are common hearing aid styles:

  • Completely in the Canal (CIC)
  • In the Canal
  • Half-Shell
  • In the Ear (full-shell)
  • Behind the Ear (BTE's)
  • Open Fit
  • Lyric Extended Wear

For more information on these hearing devices, see our services page.

We will fit devices that provide adequate amplification for your loss now and for the next few years. We will also determine, with you, the style and level of amplification that is best for your lifestyle and budget. In addition, it is important to discuss factors such as dexterity and reduced eyesight ability when choosing the right size and style of hearing instrument.

As an independent practice, we have the ability to work with all manufacturers. We choose our manufacturers based upon the quality and reliability of their products, the breadth of their product families, their customer service, and certainly the success our patients have with their products. By working closely with you to identify where devices can improve your overall quality of life, we will determine, together, what brand is best for your lifestyle, communication demands and your budget.

At Duncan-Nulph Hearing Associates, we provide batteries for the life of your devices at no additional charge as part of our Complete Hearing Health Care Program.

Our Complete Hearing Health Care Program offers free battery replacement, consults and fittings for the life of your hearing device. We want to ensure that our patients are receiving the best care and that their hearing devices are meeting their individual needs so we make sure to provide the best possible care and provide as much value as we can. Learn more about our program.

Payment options we accept cash, check, Master Card, Visa, Discover, or Care Credit. Care Credit is interest-free financing for qualified applicants.

Q-Tips can be counterproductive to cleaning your ears effectively. The process of cleaning with a Q-Tip can clear some wax from the outer area of your ear canal, but often times pushes the wax further into your ear canal. This can lead to impactions at the eardrum which can lead to hearing impairment, or infections.

Ear candles or ear coning claims to use the heat from a candle flame to create suction that will draw earwax safely from a user's ear. Unfortunately, research shows that this process can actually push the earwax deeper into your ear canal. Users of this product have had issues with deposits of wax entering the ear canal which can be dangerous. Burns to the face, hair and eardrum, and punctures to the eardrum have also been caused by ear candles. Visit our office for a complete evaluation of your ears.

About your visit

During the visit, you will have an opportunity to discuss your personal hearing needs with your doctor, ask and answer questions and receive a hearing evaluation. If you have a hearing loss, you will also receive follow-up recommendations about actions you can take.

We recommend that you bring a spouse, family member or friend to this visit. You will typically get more out of your visit if someone close to you can share in the experience, particularly if hearing devices are recommended. We will discuss your hearing history to understand what factors have influenced your hearing, and also to get more information on your personal hearing needs:

  • How you think you are doing in different situations.
  • What you are doing to deal with hearing issues in your every day life.

As your appointment approaches, it is a good idea to start thinking about these questions. Your spouse or family member can give important feedback. Often it is the other people who live and work with that can tell when you are having some difficulties.

What we'll do

We will guide you through a series of comprehensive hearing tests using the latest technology to provide a detailed assessment of your ears and come up with an personalized solution to best meet your needs.

Medical History

We will start with a history interview. History questions will focus on the following areas:

  • Conditions at birth or during adolescence that may have an impact on hearing.
  • Exposure to workplace, military, or recreational noise.
  • Medications prescribed for medical conditions.
  • Past Surgeries.
  • Family traits and hereditary anomalies that may be associated with hearing loss.


We will conduct a thorough assessment of your hearing through a series of tests to determine your hearing needs.


As Doctors of Audiology, we participate with most major Health Insurance companies including Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health America, and Aetna. Please contact us to see if we participate with your insurance.