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The Hearing Assessment (Audiologicial Evaluation)

After considering your history and performing a visual inspection of your outer ear, we will perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation composed of a series of tests. These tests may include but are not limited to:


We will use Tympanometry to assess the status of the middle ear. Tympanometry allows the audiologist to assess if there is any form of middle ear dysfunction present.

Pure tone thresholds

Pure-tone threshold audiometry is the measurement of an individual's hearing sensitivity for calibrated pure tones. Historically, pure-tone audiometry used classical tuning forks. Today, pure tone thresholds of both air conduction and bone conduction are measured to determine the degree and type of hearing loss present.

Speech Threshold and Speech Discrimination

Tests of speech threshold and speech discrimination are used to assess comprehension of complex speech signals. Assessing speech discrimination ability (how "clear" the ear hears) allows the audiologist to estimate success with amplification.

You will be asked to listen to and repeat a series of familiar words which become softer and softer. This will help determine your speech threshold, the softness level that you can recognize familiar two syllable words, like "baseball" or "hotdog". Words will also be played at a comfortable, conversational level to determine your word recognition score - how well you can understand speech if the volume is appropriate for your needs. If necessary, other tests will be performed to evaluate how well you hear in difficult or noisy environments.

Your doctor will interpret the results of your hearing evaluation and explain them to you clearly. If you have a hearing loss, hearing devices may be recommended. Fortunately, hearing devices can help most people and today's choices are easy to try, often right in the office or in your own home. People who use hearing devices report an improved quality of life and a new dimension in hearing and belonging.