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Assistive Listening Devices

Today there are hearing instruments designed to help all degrees of hearing loss. The technology is designed to help reduce unwanted noise, help you focus on sounds of interest and locate where they are coming from. There are even different levels of technology available to meet different budget needs. Sometimes hearing instruments aren't the answer, and when that's the case, we can help with that too.

TV Listening Systems (TV Ears)

TV Ears connect easily to your television and transmit sound via an infrared signal to headphones so that you can listen to television at your own sound level. If you like to watch TV after your spouse has gone to sleep, you don't have to worry about disturbing anyone!

Amplified Telephones

Amplified Telephones come in both cordless or corded models with a variety of features, including Caller ID and answering systems. Most importantly, amplified phones have an adjustable, amplified sound level so you can hear your callers more clearly.

Doorbell Signalers, Alarms & Alert Devices

For many patients with hearing loss, hearing everyday sounds at home can be difficult. That's why signalers for the doorbell, alarm clock, and smoke detector are important. Signalers use flashing lights to alert when someone is at the door. One of the most popular Alarm & Alert Devices is an amplified alarm clock that features a flashing light alert, a bed-shaker accessory and an optional telephone signaler to alert you when your telephone rings.

Bluetooth Accessories


This technology allows hearing aid wearers to stream telephone conversations, TV, your favorite music, pod casts, live performances and presentations directly into their hearing instruments. It allows hearing aid wearers to walk out of the room while listening to TV or radio without missing a thing. There is even a mini microphone that friends or family members can wear in noisy places like restaurants.


Our Audiologists will help you find the accessories that fit your needs and will demonstrate this technology in the office.