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Tips for new hearing aid wearers

  • Read aloud to yourself to get used to the volume of your own voice to determine the correct volume.
  • Use your hearing aid as long as you can, and increase your wearing time a little each day while you are first getting used to your new device.
  • Ask your friends and family with help determining comfortable volume settings for devices such as the radio or television.
  • Expect your everyday surroundings to seem loud at first. You will be hearing noises that you were unable to hear before. With time, you will soon find that you will acclimate to your new hearing and sound levels will become normal.


These are things to do to make sure your hearing device performs properly:

  1. Remove wax from your hearing aid every night as instructed by your audiologist. Use the wax loop provided or a toothbrush to clean the opening that goes down into your ear.
  2. Carefully and gently brush the microphones of your hearing aids to remove dirt and debris.
  3. Using a dry tissue or cloth, wipe the hearing aid or earmold off every day to remove wax and debris.
  4. Store the hearing aid with the battery door open to evaporate any moisture that may have collected in the hearing aid.
  5. Keep your hearing aids in the case provided or in a safe place when you aren't wearing them.
  6. Keep a spare battery with you.
  7. Use a battery tester to ensure that your battery is fresh.
  8. Keep hearing aids away from pets and small children.
  9. Remember to remove hearing aids when you are perspiring excessively (during exercise or on a very hot day).


Please avoid doing any of the following:

  1. Store your hearing aid for an extended period of time with the battery in it, as it can corrode.
  2. Use hair spray or hair dryers with your hearing aids in.
  3. Get your hearing aids wet. This includes bathing, showering, and swimming.
  4. Let small children play with the batteries, as they can be mistaken for candy.
  5. Force the battery door closed. If it won't easily close, stop and re-check that it is inserted properly.